LRC doctoral student scientist Brielle James honored

Posted On August 17, 2019
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Congratulations to Brielle James, a Cognitive Sciences doctoral student and member of the COMIC Lab research team, for being named the Outstanding Poster Award winner by the Society for Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology at the 2018 meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association meeting in Jacksonville, FL. SBNCP sponsored a data blitz, poster session,… more »

Longtime LRC researchers retire

Posted On August 16, 2019
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Change is one of the few constants in life. Things always change.  But the rate of change isn’t constant. Sometimes things change slowly, whereas other times are marked by rapid change.

If you had visited the Language Research Center at practically any time during its 38-year history, you would have been likely to see Charles Menzel,… more »

The science of self control

Posted On August 16, 2019
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Indulge or diet? Spend or save? Sleep in or get busy? Play or study? Life is filled with choices, often requiring self control. You can have something good right now, or something even better if you wait until later.  What determines your choices in these situations? Are these same variables important in the choices made… more »

A Half-Century Partnership in Science

Posted On August 15, 2019
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Few collaborations last 50 years. It is even more rare for such lifelong partnerships to exist between a human and a nonhuman primate. However, a remarkable journey in science began in the early 1970s when Professor Duane Rumbaugh (1929-2017) chose to focus his new, innovative ape-language research on a young chimpanzee named Lana (1970-2016).… more »

Mind Over Matter: Posner delivers APS Keynote

Posted On May 29, 2015
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Michael Posner explains the secrets to controlling our own attention

LRC collaborating scientist Michael Posner of the University of Oregon delivered the Fred Kavli Keynote Address at the 2015 Association for Psychological Science (APS) Annual Convention.

Full story can be found at:


Understanding the Origin of Psychopathic Tendencies

Posted On May 29, 2015
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Georgia State University researchers Robert Latzman and William Hopkins recently published findings on psychopathic tendencies in chimpanzees in the journal Clinical Psychological Science. Using a chimpanzee personality measure, they identified and measured behaviors consistent with each of the three dispositional tendencies included in the triarchic model of personality for humans: disinhibition, boldness, and meanness.

The… more »