The LRC has a history of training graduate students to be ethical and rigorous scientists, who then go on to do research around the world. In addition, many of our alumni at the LRC continue to collaborate with current LRC scientists.

If you are an alumnus/alumna of the LRC – we’d love to hear from you! Update us on your current scientific activities via the “Contact Us” page, and we will add you to the site.

Molly Flessert

Melissa Hrabic Glasser

Anna Gonsiorowski

Lisa Heimbauer

Lydia Hopper

Jesse Leinwand

Bethany MacDonald

Lindsay Mahovetz

Audrey Parrish

Sarah Pope

Laurent Prétôt

Sara Price

Darby Proctor

Bonnie Purdue

Ken Sayers

Kate Talbot

Julia Watzek

Jennifer Johnson

Will Whitham

Updated 2021-Feb-21