The LRC’s ongoing research program is made possible by a fantastic team of dedicated research coordinators, veterinarians, and animal care staff. Researchers and staff work closely to maintain high standards of animal care and high standards of scientific integrity at the facility.


Research Coordinators and Technicians

Kelly Leverett – lab manager, CEBUS lab

Kelly is the CEBUS lab’s research coordinator, whose main duties are designing coding projects for undergraduate students and aiding graduate students on the development and execution of their studies. Her ongoing research interests include observations of social dynamics within our capuchin colonies, variations of economic game testing, and replicating many of the CEBUS lab’s studies with human children. Her previous research has focused on economic decision-making, including studying inequity aversion and game theory in several primate species. Kelly first began working in the CEBUS Lab in 2010 as an undergraduate student at GSU, and continued as a research assistant following her graduation with a B.S. in Psychology in 2012.

Mattea Rossettie – research coordinator, CEBUS/COMIC labs

Mattea works as a Research Coordinator at the Language Research Center. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bucknell University in 2014, with a dual major in Animal Behavior and Comparative Humanities and Dance minor. In addition to her efforts to organize and implement testing schedules and coordinate research tasks, she is actively involved in programs of research in Dr. Michael Beran’s COMIC lab and in Dr. Sarah Brosnan’s CEBUS lab at the LRC.


Core Veterinary Staff

Dr. Michael Hart – Director of Animal Facilities
Dr. Amelia Wilkes – Clinical Laboratory Animal Vet


Division of Animal Resources (DAR) Staff

Dean Blake – Associate Director of Division of Animal Resources
Julia Fedorov – Laboratory Animal Technician
Cameron Jones – Laboratory Animal Technician
Melissa King – Laboratory Animal Technician